There isn’t a team with more tantalizing, unfulfilled upside in this bracket than the Falcons.

They have the reigning MVP in Matt Ryan, a superstar wideout in Julio Jones, a dynamic running back in Devonta Freeman and a defensive unit full of young players who can wreck havoc on opponents at different levels. And yet, despite that, it’s hard to trust the Falcons. Pete Prisco picked them to make the NFC Championship Game during our latest Pick Six Podcast and that’s on the table.

But it’s also possible to see the Falcons get overwhelmed by a Rams team during the first weekend of the playoffs and get sent home to try and reboot things for another playoff run under Dan Quinn next year. When the Falcons are operating at maximum efficiency, they are cooking with gas. But too often this season, we’ve seen them get bogged down on both sides of the ball and fall short of the expectations everyone set following last year’s Super Bowl run.

The Eagles just have to hold serve against two teams at home in order to make the Super Bowl. But in this conference-less situation, the Eagles would not have that advantage.

With so many other things going on in the Cowboys-Packers game last Sunday night, the two-touchdown performance by Green Bay wide receiver Davante Adams probably was lost in the shuffle. It was remarkable. When Adams was taken from the field on a stretcher and spent the night in a hospital after that hit by Chicago linebacker Danny Trevathan, did anyone think there was any chance that he would play the Packers’ very next game? …

Trevathan’s suspension is over, by the way. That doesn’t feel like it will be a major deterrent, does it? The feeling here remains that the league’s original two-game suspension of Trevathan was justified and it should not have been halved on appeal. …

Now the rest of Mitchell Trubisky’s NFL career begins, hopefully without a play-by-play referendum on how good he will or won’t be. …

The Cardinals may as well hand the ball often to Adrian Peterson to find out, after trading for him, if he has anything left. What do they have to lose? The league’s last-ranked rushing offense can’t get much worse.

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