Twins overtake Tigers 4-2 behind strong start from Berrios

Robbie Grossman is out on a sac fly, but Eddie Rosario fakes out the Tigers and takes off for home, scoring the go-ahead run in the 8th. (0:33)

While Jose Berrios struggled through a four-start stretch that began in mid-April, the Minnesota Twins were reeling for most of that time.

His last two turns have been masterpieces, and maybe the injury-affected Twins have found a groove again.

“You look at the depth at the outside linebacker position, and it’s not that great,” Matthews said, via Michael Cohen of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “That’s not a slight to the guys who are behind Nick and myself, but you look around the league, a lot of times they’re rotating in pass rushers. You can look a couple years ago when we had Mike Neal and Julius [Peppers] here, Datone [Jones] as well. We had a pretty good rotation.”

Neal, Peppers and Jones have combined for 183.5 sacks in more than 25 seasons. Peppers and Jones remain in the league.

The Packers’ draft was heavy on the defensive side. They spent a first-round choice on cornerback Jaire Alexander, a second-rounder on cornerback Josh Jackson, a third-rounder on inside linebacker Oren Burks, a seventh-rounder on defensive lineman James Looney and a seventh-rounder on outside linebacker Kendall Donnerson.

I’ll use the same prorated quantitative methodology from the Leicester article and mix it with some qualitative common sense to find the most unlikely finalists in each league going back through 1970. Given that we’re not going to see any expansion teams, we’re looking for organizations that seemed hopeless for years before suddenly making their way into the postseason. Do any of them match up to the Blues of 1967-68 or this season’s Knights? And are we seeing more surprises now than we have in years past?

Donald Penn Off the Hook In Domestic Violence Case

Oakland Raiders star lineman Donald Penn will NOT be charged with a crime stemming from an alleged domestic violence incidentTMZ Sports has learned.

For Patricia, a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute football player on spring break when the alleged incident took place, the case being dismissed was obviously an important moment in his journey to becoming the Detroit Lions head coach. Even if he was falsely accused, as he claimed, a trial would have put the entire future of a 21-year old in the hands of a jury. When the case was dismissed on Jan. 28, 1997, he was free to resume the rest of his life.

When the team said goodbye to the veteran pass rusher, they opened up $7.125 million in cap space but as CBS Sports NFL monetary guru Joel Corry explained, despite the lack of injury guarantees in his contract, he does have a small bit of protection in the form of a $1.15 million injury protection benefit courtesy of the collective bargaining agreement. Avril is owed the money because a 2017 injury caused him to be released and likely will keep him out of work.

That benefit is paid out if Avril doesn’t secure work in 2018 along with the $500,000 in guaranteed money still owed him on his contract. Both those numbers will count against the team’s 2018 cap but the books are clear of Avril beyond next season. His deal was set to expire at the end of the year.

I think the year before I got released, Garrett was the offensive coordinator. For whatever reason, Wade was fired and Garrett got put into that position. Up until a couple of years ago, his record was pretty much identical to Wade’s. So, in my mind, Garrett should be fired if that’s the case. I think that pretty much has been the Achilles heel for the Cowboys because you can’t keep using the players, or player, as a scapegoat as to why you are not succeeding.

Demoff said the Navy blue jerseys the Rams have worn aren’t anyone’s favorite.

Miguel Rojas (R), 5 percent, Miami Marlins vs. Colorado Rockies (LHP Tyler Anderson): The Marlins haven’t faced many southpaws after seeing a few in the first week of the season. In one of the recent times, Rojas hit leadoff. He probably will be in his customary seven-hole, but it’s worth a look. Coming into the season, Rojas had four career homers; he has three already this season.

Ware was a Pro Bowl fixture by his second season and a beloved high-effort leader in Dallas. He moved on to give a little bit of that to Denver and get his Super Bowl ring with the Broncos.

6th round, 199th overall, 7th QB picked. In other words, this list could be named after him: the Tom Brady Lifetime Draft Steal Award. Does anyone out there not know this story by heart already? Or not know at least a few of the six quarterbacks taken ahead of him — Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Tee Martin, Marc Bulger and the immortal Spergon Wynn?

Incumbent Josh McCown will go into training camp as the No. 1 quarterback, but that doesn’t mean he’s a lock.

Arguably the best deep passer in the class. Understands how to lead receiver downfield with touch and accuracy. Willing to attack every level of the field and anticipates throwing lanes well. Weaknesses Below-average athlete.

The Rams are working on a permanent answer, but in the meantime they’d like to wear the Dickerson-style throwbacks more. The NFL, however, has other ideas.

Rams COO Kevin Demoff says the team has asked the NFL for permission to wear the blue and yellow throwbacks more often, but the NFL limited the Rams to wearing them twice last season. Demoff said he’s working on explaining to the league office that the fans would prefer those uniforms.

“We have spent the year educating them on our fan base,” Demoff told the Los Angeles Times. “We forwarded them all of the fan complaints, the emails we get, so I think they’re well aware of our fans’ preferences.”

New football league eyes start after 2019 Super Bowl

A new football league will be joining the ranks of the NFL and the soon-to-be resurrected XFL.

Two months after Vince McMahon announced he was going to start the XFL again in 2020, Charlie Ebersol, the son of McMahon’s former XFL partner Dick Ebersol, said he was going to create the American Alliance of Football, reported.

According to Ebersol, the new league will debut Feb. 9, 2019, one week after Super Bowl 53. The league will have eight 50-man teams consisting of players who didn’t make the NFL cut and run 10 weeks.

There are 28,000 Division I football players. Only 1,700 have NFL jobs, Ebersol said. We’re looking for those Kurt Warners working in grocery stores and we think we will find them.

According to Ebersol, he plans on fully incorporating Fantasy Football and a media plan into the league. He said he was strategic in choosing the time of year the American Alliance of Football will play, since people still crave Fantasy Football and watching games once the season is over.

Fifty nine million people play fantasy and 20 million people play only fantasy football, Ebersol. We have to be able to take advantage of the people who just stop playing fantasy when the NFL season ends.

The Jets are also expected to select a quarterback in the draft after acquiring the third overall pick last Saturday in a trade with the Colts.

A crowded quarterback position isn’t stopping the 25-year-old who says he’s still capable of performing at a high level.

Being an athlete and ultimate competitor, as a player, I welcome competition, Bridgewater said Wednesday, via I’m confident in the athletic training staff and the coaching staff that they can get me back to the player that I once was.

In addition to competing for the quarterback spot, Bridgewater has been recovering from a torn ACL, which kept him on the sideline for the 2016 season. He was deemed fully recovered by the middle of the 2017 season, but was only used in one game with the Vikings.

James Harrison wants to play, hopes to sign somewhere after draft

The oldest defensive player in the NFL isn’t ready to hang up the cleats yet.

James Harrison, the outside linebacker who ended last season with the Patriots, is planning to keep playing and looking to sign with a team that needs a player like him after the draft, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.

Stanton isn’t completely sure it is a timing or mechanics issue, but he will spend the next couple of days trying to figure out the problem. After a day off Monday, the Yankees face the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday for the start of a three-game series. It will be Stanton’s first time participating in the rivalry.

“Just got to do more homework. A lot of these guys it’s the first time seeing them,” Stanton said, referencing his switch from the NL to the AL. “You just got to battle. If you don’t feel right, just find a way to battle and try to put the ball in play, which hasn’t worked out. But we’ll be all right.”

The boos Stanton heard as the game ended on his extra-inning, swing-and-miss strikeout were similar to those that reverberated throughout the ballpark in the eighth inning, when he went down in another clutch situation. Both booings were loud and cranky.

In the end, the report says, a trade is “highly unlikely.”

In other words, Beckham is, indeed, available to be traded. But the Giants are going to demand a hefty price — presumably quite a bit more than the price the Rams just paid to get Brandin Cooks from the Patriots — and other teams are probably not going to pay that kind of price for a player who is going to demand to become the highest-paid receiver in the NFL.

The Giants’ offseason program begins on Monday, and coach Pat Shurmur says he expects Beckham to participate. If Beckham shows up on Monday, that would be a strong indication that the player and the team are on the same page — or at least close enough to being on the same page for Beckham to remain in New York.

If Beckham does not show up, however, that might indicate that the sides are far enough apart that a trade could make sense. Even if, right now, the Giants don’t have any offers that come close to what they want for Beckham.

Donte Jackson runs fast at Pro Day but doesn’t get under 4.3

LSU cornerback Donte Jackson wanted to run lower than 4.27 at the Scouting Combine and thought he might have a chance to challenge John Ross‘ record 4.22. Jackson was fast but not that fast.

So instead of standing on his 4.32 from the combine, Jackson ran again for scouts at LSU’s Pro Day on Wednesday.

He ran a hand-held time of 4.31, Sheldon Mickles of The Advocate reports.

Melvin proved worthy, setting a school record with 17 pass break-ups during his senior season along with 55 tackles, an interception and forced fumble. However, that still wasn’t impressive enough to get picked in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Melvin received a $10,000 bonus when he signed with Tampa Bay, beginning a journey that brought him to Miami and then Baltimore the next year after his Bucs release. Although he initially flashed talent when thrust into an injury-ravaged Ravens secondary late in the 2014 regular season, Melvin’s tenure in Baltimore is best remembered for his getting savaged by New England quarterback Tom Brady in a playoff loss.

Melvin would actually play for the Patriots the following season after his Ravens release but didn’t set roots there, either. He re-signed with Miami and then got cut at the end of the 2016 preseason.

Instead, the Cavs were left to digest how they put themselves in position to need a second-half surge of that magnitude just to make it a game.

The NBA playoffs are imminent, which means LeBron James will again be expected to transform into the legend who found his way to the NBA Finals in seven straight years. The key to understanding “playoff LeBron” starts on the defensive end of the floor.

“I mean, we dug ourselves that hole,” James said after a 44-point, 11-rebound, 11-assist night (his career-high 18th triple-double on the season) was spoiled by the defeat. “So we’re a prideful team, and the only way we get back into the game was just kind of get scrappy and play a little bit more physical, make some shots. But no, listen, we was down 30, and for us to come all the way back, it just shows what we’re capable of doing.”

Baseball’s got talent, but how much, at which positions and how far into the future?

One bit of conventional wisdom in baseball is that talent tends to be evenly distributed among the different positions. This is more myth than rule because shortstops and first basemen aren’t born; the people running baseball teams choose whom to play and where. David Ortiz probably would have been a terrible shortstop, but there was no law of physics preventing the Red Sox from calling Big Papi a shortstop.

Before 2010, when up-the-middle WAR represented 50.1 percent of the overall WAR (FanGraphs flavor) in the league, the middle positions had passed the 50 percent mark only five times in 109 years, going back to 1901. From 2010 to 2017, it happened in six of the eight years.

You can also see the effect of baseball throwing off the traditional idea that any offensive contribution from a position is just the cherry on top. Teams don’t generally throw in the towel on offense from any position these days unless they can help it. It would be much harder today for a player like Johnnie LeMaster, who put up a 66 OPS+ over 3,000 plate appearances from 1978 to 1984, to persuade his team not to research better options.

While the shoe wasn’t an exact remake by any stretch, the white upper, thick black panel and red accents throughout brought back memories of James’ debut sneaker for longtime fans of his line. Originally inspired by the infamous silver Hummer H2 he drove during his senior year of high school, the Zoom Generation featured typeface similar to the Hummer’s bold badge. The lettering resurfaced here yet again on the tongue strips of the LeBron 15.

In addition to the tribute to his first shoe, James also sported a LeBron 15 honoring Ken Griffey Jr.’s first shoe from over two decades ago. With a black upper, teal accents, similar font accents and a remixed version of Griffey’s iconic Swingman logo, the shoe also incorporated the large forefoot Swoosh from the first Air Max Griffey. The Kid himself, now 48, got in on the fun as well, mimicking LeBron’s pregame picture style to snap a few photos of his own pair.

Around the league, PJ Tucker sported yet another exclusive pair of retro Jordans, this time an Air Jordan 3 made for the Marquette basketball team valued in the thousands. Trey Burke continued his resurgent play in a rare Galaxy-themed Nike Hyperdunk from 2011, while John Wall returned to action in a player exclusive edition of the Adidas BYW X, featuring WALL WAY in massive lettering along the side, and Just a kid from Raleigh in more subtle fashion down the heel.

Marquette King eyes punting for the Broncos

The Raiders cut him abruptly, and the Broncos could be giving him a landing spot.

Punter Marquette King has spoken to the Broncos about a possible alliance with the obvious goal (at least collateral goal) of tormenting the Raiders.

“Marquette would love an opportunity to come visit there,’’ King’s agent, Wynn Silberman, told Mike Klis of “Obviously, Denver is a punter’s dream. They’re high on his list.”

Averett also believes he impressed during the Combine interview process because of his ties to Saban and how many schemes he was forced to master. That knowledge from learning pro-style defenses should lead to an easier transition than the one he experienced coming from high school to Alabama.

“Teams will ask what coverages we play,” Averett said. “And I’ll say, ‘Cover-1, Cover-2, Cover-3, Cover-4, Cover-5, Cover-6, Cover-7 …'”

More work awaits in the NFL from both an educational and physical standpoint with Averett needing to add weight to his 6-0, 185-pound frame. But this time, he’s truly ready for the challenge.

“I’m glad I stuck with it,” said Averett, who is projected to be selected between Rounds 1 and 3. “I mean, look now. I’m just very blessed to be in this situation.”

When that day finally arrives, Donald will become the NFL’s highest-paid defensive player. That means the Rams have to cut corners in other areas and find less-costly solutions. Parting ways with high-priced veterans like Ogletree who just received an $8 million signing bonus last October as part of a four-year contract extension and Quinn is an example. Snead said their departure has left the Rams still looking for replacements with the draft approaching.

Other top-tier young talents like Peters, Goff and running back Todd Gurley also will be angling for big-money deals as their rookie contracts move closer to expiration. The same goes for safety LaMarcus Joyner, who was designated as the team’s 2018 franchise player. And it would apply to Beckham, who won’t practice for the Giants until he receives a contract extension, per NFL Network.

As history has shown, not every one of Snead’s personnel moves has paid dividends. Extending the contract of wide receiver Tavon Austin in 2016 has proven a huge mistake. Snead also was not able to re-sign Sammy Watkins after sending a second-round pick to the Bills during the 2017 season for the wide receiver’s services. That still stings even though Watkins’ departure to the Chiefs will be mitigated by LA receiving a third-round compensatory pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Corey Sanders makes NBA Draft decision | What it means for Steve Pikiell, Rutgers

Corey Sanders is making the jump, and this time for good.

Open scholarships : Pikiell and his staff now have three scholarships open for this coming season after previously releasing Matt Bullock and Souf Mensah. They were hoping to use one on three-star recruit Tai Strickland, but he committed to Wisconsin several days after his visit to Rutgers. Expect Pikiell to be active beating the bush in the coming weeks and months for any last-minute commits or graduate transfers. Rutgers is getting transfer Peter Kiss and heralded recruits Ron Harper Jr. and Montez Mathis next year, but it will need more firepower.

Big loss : Sanders was Rutgers’ best player, its leading scorer and was instrumental in the Scarlet Knights’ late-season run to the Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals at Madison Square Garden. He will be tough to replace for a team that was offensively challenged to begin with.

New look : The Scarlet Knights will lose their top two scorers – senior forward Deshawn Freeman and Sanders – as well as their glue guy and emotional leader in senior guard Mike Williams. This is sophomore guard Geo Baker’s team now, and Year 3 of the Pikiell era could very well look like Year 1 given the production that is exiting off a team that was only 15-19.

Boone remembered Halladay, nicknamed Doc, as someone who commanded so much respect throughout the game.

Toronto honored Hallday, a surefire Hall of Fame starting pither who died Nov. 7 when he crashed his personal airplane into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. He was 40.

Halladay is only one of six pitchers win the Cy Young in the American League and the National League. He played in eight All-Star Games. Halladay played 12 seasons in Toronto and four years with the Phillies before signing a one-day contract to retire with the Blue Jays.

Toronto honored him with a pregame ceremony in which it retired his No. 32.

Ravens: RGIII signing doesn’t impact chance of drafting QB

Super Bowl participants like the Eagles and Patriots don’t enjoy that head-start luxury. They actually become victims of their own success, because the focus must remain on the task at hand — winning a championship — rather than looking too far ahead.

It’s a curious decision, since he was already replaced at his old job with the signing of left tackle Nate Solder, and dropped into a competition for a starting job at right tackle (though they’ve expressed confidence in his ability there).

Flowers might never live up to his draft status, as the ninth overall pick in 2015. But General Manager Dave Gettleman isn’t a guy who has displayed a lot of patience for guys who aren’t on board with his program.

Again, the workouts are voluntary, but that’s generally true for guys who have options, rather than guys who are trying to impress a new coach and G.M. in an effort to keep a starting job.

Fifth, a good agent can help the player establish a network of mentors and advisors who will help prepare him for the draft and for life in the NFL. Recently, former NFL fullback Michael Robinson took to Twitter to plead with Jackson to get in touch with Robinson so that others with a skill set similar to Jackson’s can help him. If Jackson had an agent, Robinson and those hoping to help Jackson would quickly be able to connect with Jackson, through the agent.

Via Rich Cimini of, Jets CEO Christopher Johnson is expected to be involved with quarterback Baker Mayfield‘s visit today and tomorrow, and plans to have input between now and the 2018 NFL Draft.

“Believe me, I’ll be part of this process going forward,” Johnson said at the owners meetings, referring to all draft prospects.

There’s a reasonable argument to be made that owners don’t always help the process, such as when Jimmy Haslam listened to some homeless guy and ended up with Johnny Manziel.

But so far, Johnson (who is running the Jets while his brother Woody is serving as ambassador to the United Kingdom) hasn’t shown himself to be a meddler, or to be so spectacularly wrong.

Johnson sat in on the 15-minute meetings at the Scouting Combine, but didn’t ask any questions of the quarterback prospects. But as the time to find a new face of the franchise draws near, he’s exercising his prerogative to be involved.