Pujols has four more seasons left on a 10-year deal the Angels gave him to lure him away from St. Louis as a free agent.

Last season, Pujols was the designated hitter in 142 games and played first in six games. In 2016, he was the DH in 123 games and played 28 at first. He said playing more at first would be great. But that wasn’t my motivation. My main thing was I’m healthy. I want to get back to my workouts.

If anyone has a shot of challenging Hanyu, it might be his Japanese teammate, Shoma Uno. The winner of the team short program, Uno had another phenomenal skate set to Winter (From Four Seasons). He got a score of 104.17, the only other skater to reach the century mark to this point.

American Nathan Chen had a tough act to follow after Hanyu, and nerves clearly got the better of the 18-year-old. He botched multiple jumps and didn’t much to improve on a middling team event performance and finished well out of medal contention.

In the meantime, this apathetic demeanor of mismanaging your star player is not doing Mourinho any favors. Pogba understands where he will have the biggest impact on the pitch, and that’s at an attacking role. When the game has gone stale, a trick play, perfect cross or sensational free kick from him breathes new life and suddenly the offense understands the necessity of those three points. Without that, it’s suddenly like Sunday’s match at St. James’ Park.

Mourinho is not a fan of players who need time to develop, which explains why fans have caught scarce performances from Scott McTominay. But Pogba’s Old Trafford homecoming came with solid years of positional development, and the boss should work to strengthen those assets.

The Patriots’ defense struggled in the Super Bowl, particularly in their dime package (six defensive backs). The team initially played two cornerbacks and four safeties in the dime before making a halftime adjustment and playing with three corners and three safeties, but still without Butler.

Butler had been on the injury report in the week leading up to the Super Bowl with an illness, and he had been limited in one practice leading up to the game. He had arrived one day after the team to Super Bowl LII, with the team citing the illness as the reason.

The Hogs have not won a national title since 1964, despite an underrated fan base (23rd in attendance and 14th in revenue) and a pattern of success (21st in winning percentage since World War II with 14 top-10 finishes over that period).

Play the fourth quarter of the 2010 Auburn game out differently — Arkansas led 43-37 before surrendering the last 28 points — and this section might be about Auburn’s title drought instead.

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