New football league eyes start after 2019 Super Bowl

A new football league will be joining the ranks of the NFL and the soon-to-be resurrected XFL.

Two months after Vince McMahon announced he was going to start the XFL again in 2020, Charlie Ebersol, the son of McMahon’s former XFL partner Dick Ebersol, said he was going to create the American Alliance of Football, reported.

According to Ebersol, the new league will debut Feb. 9, 2019, one week after Super Bowl 53. The league will have eight 50-man teams consisting of players who didn’t make the NFL cut and run 10 weeks.

There are 28,000 Division I football players. Only 1,700 have NFL jobs, Ebersol said. We’re looking for those Kurt Warners working in grocery stores and we think we will find them.

According to Ebersol, he plans on fully incorporating Fantasy Football and a media plan into the league. He said he was strategic in choosing the time of year the American Alliance of Football will play, since people still crave Fantasy Football and watching games once the season is over.

Fifty nine million people play fantasy and 20 million people play only fantasy football, Ebersol. We have to be able to take advantage of the people who just stop playing fantasy when the NFL season ends.

The Jets are also expected to select a quarterback in the draft after acquiring the third overall pick last Saturday in a trade with the Colts.

A crowded quarterback position isn’t stopping the 25-year-old who says he’s still capable of performing at a high level.

Being an athlete and ultimate competitor, as a player, I welcome competition, Bridgewater said Wednesday, via I’m confident in the athletic training staff and the coaching staff that they can get me back to the player that I once was.

In addition to competing for the quarterback spot, Bridgewater has been recovering from a torn ACL, which kept him on the sideline for the 2016 season. He was deemed fully recovered by the middle of the 2017 season, but was only used in one game with the Vikings.

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