MLB 2018: Four pitchers who could bounce back after disappointing seasons

Every MLB club and fantasy baseball owner is looking for the next reclamation pitching project. Whether it be because of a mechanical tweak, a change in role or a better defense behind them, a new season brings new opportunity for some pitchers to put a disappointing 2017 behind them.

Here are four pitchers who are good bounce-back candidates in 2018.

First he showed up to camp looking far less bulky. Ramirez told reporters he’s been on the Tom Brady plan, and that he’s dropped 15 pounds. Now he’s told Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe that he plans to go 30-30 this year.

For the uninitiated, a 30-30 season is one in which a batter hits at least 30 home runs and steals at least 30 bases. It’s only been done a relative handful of times , including once by Ramirez himself in 2008. The most recent players to go 30-30 are Mike Trout and Ryan Braun, who both did it in 2012. Having the physical tools to pull off a 30-30 season is obviously quite desirable, as power and speed are tools that aren’t usually found in great abundance in the same player, and it’s always good when a single player can impact the game in different ways.

The Westgate bookmakers opened both World Series champion Houston and runner-up Los Angeles at odds of -1100 to make the playoffs, meaning a bet of $1,100 is required to make a $100 profit. Gamblers who want to take shots the other way can get +700 odds (7/1) on either team not making the playoffs. In that case, a winning $100 bet would result in a $700 profit.

The Nationals have the next shortest odds to make the playoffs, opening at -700 at the Westgate.

The Yankees (-400) and Cubs (-340) round out the top five, and the Red Sox (-310) are sixth from the top.

At the bottom of the order, the Derek Jeter-led Marlins are offered at +4000 odds (40/1) to get to the playoffs, making Miami the longest shot on the Westgate board.

Postseason hopes are also dim in Detroit (30/1) and Kansas City (30/1), and the White Sox (11/1) and Orioles (10/1) have been assigned odds in the double digits as well.

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