James Harrison wants to play, hopes to sign somewhere after draft

The oldest defensive player in the NFL isn’t ready to hang up the cleats yet.

James Harrison, the outside linebacker who ended last season with the Patriots, is planning to keep playing and looking to sign with a team that needs a player like him after the draft, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.

Stanton isn’t completely sure it is a timing or mechanics issue, but he will spend the next couple of days trying to figure out the problem. After a day off Monday, the Yankees face the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday for the start of a three-game series. It will be Stanton’s first time participating in the rivalry.

“Just got to do more homework. A lot of these guys it’s the first time seeing them,” Stanton said, referencing his switch from the NL to the AL. “You just got to battle. If you don’t feel right, just find a way to battle and try to put the ball in play, which hasn’t worked out. But we’ll be all right.”

The boos Stanton heard as the game ended on his extra-inning, swing-and-miss strikeout were similar to those that reverberated throughout the ballpark in the eighth inning, when he went down in another clutch situation. Both booings were loud and cranky.

In the end, the report says, a trade is “highly unlikely.”

In other words, Beckham is, indeed, available to be traded. But the Giants are going to demand a hefty price — presumably quite a bit more than the price the Rams just paid to get Brandin Cooks from the Patriots — and other teams are probably not going to pay that kind of price for a player who is going to demand to become the highest-paid receiver in the NFL.

The Giants’ offseason program begins on Monday, and coach Pat Shurmur says he expects Beckham to participate. If Beckham shows up on Monday, that would be a strong indication that the player and the team are on the same page — or at least close enough to being on the same page for Beckham to remain in New York.

If Beckham does not show up, however, that might indicate that the sides are far enough apart that a trade could make sense. Even if, right now, the Giants don’t have any offers that come close to what they want for Beckham.

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