If you want to rule a ball is fumbled, don’t blow the play dead.

You can go back and review it later. Once the whistle sounds, it’s over. NFL refs are terrible about this, and it might have cost the Jaguars.

Philly was leading 24-7, so a flea flicker was utterly unnecessary. The Eagles’ flea flicker resulted in a back-breaking touchdown that ended the game and snuffed out any hope the Vikings had. The Eagles’ play was against a really dangerous defense (so was the Patriots, and Brady made a great throw). And the Eagles’ play featured Foles throwing a laser for at touchdown pass. Plus, it came in a game after we already saw two happen in the previous game.

It’s not often for an NFL star tight end to have his wife playing in a sporting event at the same time he’s trying to win the NFC Championship Game, but that was the case for Zach Ertz on Sunday night, as his wife Julie Ertz was playing in a game for the U.S. Women’s soccer team. She was doing her best not to check the score while playing and said she texted with Zach up to the moment they had to stop.

As long as that player is paid, he might not have any recourse. But if the Cowboys were to suspend the player without pay, that could be different. The collective bargaining agreement says that a team can suspend a player without pay for as many as four games for conduct detrimental to the club. But is that detrimental conduct, especially given that the league and other teams don’t define it as such? And who gets to determine that? And the suspension could not last beyond four games, even if the Cowboys were able to impose it.

It does not look particularly promising at this point that Luck will play this season. He had resumed practicing, but now the Colts have shut him down again because of soreness in his surgically repaired shoulder.

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