Donald Penn Off the Hook In Domestic Violence Case

Oakland Raiders star lineman Donald Penn will NOT be charged with a crime stemming from an alleged domestic violence incidentTMZ Sports has learned.

For Patricia, a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute football player on spring break when the alleged incident took place, the case being dismissed was obviously an important moment in his journey to becoming the Detroit Lions head coach. Even if he was falsely accused, as he claimed, a trial would have put the entire future of a 21-year old in the hands of a jury. When the case was dismissed on Jan. 28, 1997, he was free to resume the rest of his life.

When the team said goodbye to the veteran pass rusher, they opened up $7.125 million in cap space but as CBS Sports NFL monetary guru Joel Corry explained, despite the lack of injury guarantees in his contract, he does have a small bit of protection in the form of a $1.15 million injury protection benefit courtesy of the collective bargaining agreement. Avril is owed the money because a 2017 injury caused him to be released and likely will keep him out of work.

That benefit is paid out if Avril doesn’t secure work in 2018 along with the $500,000 in guaranteed money still owed him on his contract. Both those numbers will count against the team’s 2018 cap but the books are clear of Avril beyond next season. His deal was set to expire at the end of the year.

I think the year before I got released, Garrett was the offensive coordinator. For whatever reason, Wade was fired and Garrett got put into that position. Up until a couple of years ago, his record was pretty much identical to Wade’s. So, in my mind, Garrett should be fired if that’s the case. I think that pretty much has been the Achilles heel for the Cowboys because you can’t keep using the players, or player, as a scapegoat as to why you are not succeeding.

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